Character Bios

  1. Main Characters
    1. Miles “Tails” Prower
    2. Cosmo Woodswillow
    3. Cream Rabbelocke
    4. Bark Froster
    5. Green XIII
    6. Sally Acorn
    7. Nazo
    8. Emerl (EMRL)
  2. Kintobor Inc.
    1. Gerald Kintobor
    2. Christopher Thorndyke
    3. Fiona Vulpes
    4. Kodos
    5. Professor Walter Nagus
  3. The Chaotix
    1. Knuckles
    2. Nack Fang
    3. Charmy Beeson
    4. Vector Mawes
    5. Mighty
  4. Secondary Characters
    1. Sonic the Hedgehog
    2. Archimedes

Main Characters

Miles “Tails” Prower

Job: Mercenary (Former member of SOLDIER)

Species: Two-Tailed Fox

Age: 21

Weapon: Greatsword

Birthplace: Knothole

The protagonist of Mobius VII. Originally a member of Kintobor’s elite special forces group, SOLDIER, he now works as a mercenary. At the start of the story, he finds himself in Megapolis and runs into Cream – his childhood friend from Knothole. Cream offered him both a place to stay and a job, both of which he had heartily accepted.

As a SOLDIER, Tails (as he prefers to be called) was given Energen enhancements that have gifted him with enhanced physical strength, stamina and magical aptitude, along with heightened senses and improved natural healing. These enhancements pale in comparison to his greatest, natural weapon: his mind. Tails is a gifted military tactician and a mechanical and computer genius. These traits in combination with his Buster Sword – a massive, single edged greatsword – make the two-tailed fox a force to be reckoned with. However, his natural curiosity to find out how things work – particularly machines – is constantly at odds with his objective-focused nature.

Tails was born with two identical tails, hence the nickname. The tails themselves are very bushy in nature and can capture updrafts when spun, allowing the fox to fly. He can remain airborne for a short time before fatigue sets in. His SOLDIER enhancements only serve to increase his flight capabilities, with him able to scale up a four story building without breaking a sweat.

Tails can be cold and aloof at times, but he has a caring heart and can’t stand to see injustice happen on his watch.

Cosmo Woodswillow

Job: Florist

Species: Seedrian

Age: 22

Weapon: Staff

Birthplace: Unknown

Young, beautiful and very mysterious, Cosmo met Tails during the latter’s escape from Reactor No.1. The two once again cross paths in the Sector 5 Church after the destruction of Reactor No.5 sent Tails plummeting into her flower bed. On their second meeting, she hires him to be a bodyguard in exchange for one date.

As the last Seedrian, Cosmo has a unique connection to Planet Mobius, of which she is utterly repulsed by. She knows little about the powers she possesses and does not have any desire to explore them in earnest. Due to her fears about what her connection to the planet represents, Cosmo represses her abilities as best she can, and tries to live her life as normally as possible. Unfortunately for her, Kintobor Incorporated has taken a great deal of interest in her talents. The company has been keeping tabs on her and has not-so-subtly been trying to coerce her into working with them.

While outwardly very sweet and friendly, inwardly, Cosmo is quite cynical and sarcastic due to various negative life experiences; the most traumatic being the death of her mother at a young age. She lives with her adoptive mother – Rose – in a small nook within the Sector 5 Slums.

When she’s not avoiding capture by Kintobor’s forces, she can be found selling the flowers that she grew from the patch at the Church, considered a rare commodity in the city. She is also very adept at using magic – likely due to her strong connection to the Planet – and is quite proficient at fighting with a staff.

Cream Rabbelocke

Job: Owner and Operator of Vanilla’s Haven, TORNADO Member

Species: Rabbit

Age: 20

Weapon: Gloves, Knuckles and Claws

Birthplace: Knothole

A childhood friend of Tails, Cream makes a living as the owner of a respectable restaurant and bar in the Sector 7 Slums, named after her late mother. Cheerful, optimistic and possessing a sunny disposition, Cream never hesitates to uplift others or to provide encouragement to the team when things are looking bleak. However, beneath her pretty looks lies a fierce and indomitable warrior’s spirit that was honed through years of rigorous martial arts training. Overzealous patrons who had tried to put the moves on the rabbit had been forcefully thrown out of the bar by her own hand, each sporting bruises and broken bones.

Her bright outlook on life belies a deep and inner hatred for the Kintobor, which stemmed from an incident that razed her and Tails’ hometown five years ago. Seeing that she and Bark was on the same page, Cream volunteered to join his cause in taking the company down. She offered the use of her restaurant’s basement as TORNADO’s base of operations. Despite her malice towards the company, she’s not entirely comfortable with the extreme measures the bear is willing to go to.

When it comes to Tails, Cream goes to great lengths to deny any strong feelings towards the swordsman. Nevertheless, she is very concerned for his well-being and will not hesitate to ensure that he’s OK.

Bark Froster

Job: Leader of TORNADO

Species: Polar Bear

Age: 33

Weapon: Gun-Arm

Birthplace: Anthraton

Bark leads a group called TORNADO, a ragtag, eco-terrorist organization that is a splinter cell of the Freedom Fighters – the first and original resistance group that fought against Kintobor Incorporated’s tyranny. Bark is brash, reckless and frequently uses his large frame and Gun-Arm to intimidate others. He takes great pleasure in making Kintobor suffer, but is aware of the ramifications his actions have on the locals.

Despite his rough and tumble appearance, Bark cares deeply for his teammates and fosters an especially strong love for his adopted daughter, Hope. Her being a Human had not stopped Bark from treating her as if she was his own flesh and blood.

Bark’s primary motivation for his crusade stems from an incident in his hometown four years ago. In it, his wife and newborn son died and he places the blame solely on Kintobor. However, there appears to be more to his vendetta than what the bear lets on about.

Green XIII

Job: Lab Specimen/Beast

Species: Crystal Golem

Age: Unknown

Weapon: Self

Birthplace: Unknown

Tails and company met Green XIII during their search for Cosmo within the Kintobor Building. She is a golem whose body is made up of a hardened, opaque, deep green crystal. She claims to have once been a Mobian before Nagus’ experiments transformed her body into what it was today.

Despite the gravelly, raspy voice caused by her vocal chords being partially petrified, she speaks plainly and has a fair deal of knowledge about the geographical and spiritual aspects of Mobius.

Sally Acorn

Job: Former Lab Specimen/Beast

Species: Chipmunk/Squirrel Hybrid

Age: 26

Weapon: Knives and Self (When Transformed)

Birthplace: Mobotropolis

Green XIII’s true identity, revealed after the crystal encasing her shatters in the late stages of the battle against E-105 z. Clusters of crystal lesions covered her arms, legs and were the result of a childhood accident. Nagus’ experiments sped up their growth to the point where they covered her whole body. After the shattering, her body returned to normal, but the crystal growths reappeared shortly afterward. Initially self-conscious of her skin condition, Sally has grown to accept and even weaponize her new form whenever she can. She currently has no control over the speed of the crystal growth, nor can she directly control how she sheds it.

According to Sally, she has had extensive training in close quarter combat in her hometown. As a result, she favours knives, since they compliment her fighting style. 

Though grateful to her rescuers, Sally harbours a level of distrust towards Tails, having recognized him from somewhere in her past.


Job: Elite SOLDIER, First Class (Formerly)

Species: Hedgehog

Age: Unknown

Weapon: Masamune

Birthplace: Unknown

A SOLDIER of immense power, he is credited for single-handedly ending the war against Chun-Nan nearly a decade ago. Nazo is a hedgehog, albeit an abnormal one with pure silver-white spines, emerald green eyes with slitted pupils and a taller, more muscular stature than typical Mobians. Not much is known about him, as Kintobor keeps the majority of his records sealed from public access. He wields an impressively long katana called the Masamume, which was forged from purified Kaotainum – the strongest and most unpredictable metal on Mobius.

Tails used to idolize the warrior and wanted to join SOLDIER to be a hero just like him. Due to an incident in his hometown five years ago, the fox now has a deep-seated hatred towards the silver-spined hedgehog. Said to have disappeared after that incident, Nazo’s whereabouts are currently unknown and he is presumed dead at the beginning of the story.

Emerl (EMRL)

Job: Robotic Assistant to Christopher Thorndyke

Species: Automaton

Age: 0

Weapon: Nanomachine Drive

Birthplace: Megapolis – Kintobor Egg Building – 65th Floor

The Enhanced Mechanical Robian Lifeform, or Emerl for short, is the result of Christopher Thorndyke’s research into robotics, nanomachines and artificial intelligence. Emerl was built to assist Chris in the Urban Development Department, as it’s been chronically underfunded and understaffed for many years. Inside Emerl is a nanomachine drive that can replicate almost anything in seconds. Complementing the drive is Emerl’s Copy Ability. By touching an object, the nanomachines in his body will scan and then replicate the copied object for his use. Copied objects are not as durable as the originals and will come apart after a few uses. Emerl’s neural network and copy ability is based on Chris’s grandfather’s work on AI and his research on Chao – water-based creatures that can adapt to almost any environment – respectively. 

Emerl’s Copy Ability is accomplished through an experimental Pseudo-Emerald. Developed by the Weapons Development department, it is a type of Emerald that can be used by non-organic life. Not only can the Copy Ability replicate weapons, it can also learn and use an enemy’s special skills. While powerful, the installed Pseudo-Emerald has caused an unintentional glitch in the robot’s neural network. Presently, after impressing President Robotnik when threatened to be turned into scrap, Emerl is being rebuilt and reassigned for a special kind of job.

Kintobor Inc.

Gerald Kintobor

Job: President of Kintobor Incorporated

Species: Human

Age: 87

Birthplace: Megapolis

The current president of Kintobor Incorporated, he is also the third dynastic head of the family. Gerald is a brilliant genius scientist who was credited for discovering the use of Energen in post-war applications. In his youth, he originally wanted to use his Energen technology to seek peace between Mobians and Humans. However, an incident thirty years past has changed his outlook on racial relations between the two and now he is hell-bent on ensuring the superiority of the Human race at the expense of the Mobians.

Though he did not design the Roboticizer, he had made some adjustments to it in order to have complete and total control of the Robians. He uses them to protect his company’s interests – mainly the Energen Reactors – and as general patrol units within the slums. 

He runs Megapolis through a laissez-faire approach, and lets the heads of his company take care of some of the more menial aspects of the job. Meanwhile, he has busied himself with the research surrounding the Ancients, who lived and cultivated Planet Mobius in the distant past. He is convinced that their powers would eventually lead him to a vast, bountiful wealth of Energen to extract. To that end, he is obsessed with retrieving Cosmo, with the hope that she would lead them to his promised prize.

While he would not consider Professor Nagus a ‘friend,’ he does value his aptitude in the field of genetics and biology and frequently corresponds with him in many scientific matters.

Christopher Thorndyke

Job: Head of Urban Development at Kintobor Incorporated

Species: Human

Age: 24

Birthplace: Megapolis

Born to a wealthy family – his mother being a famous stage actress and his father being the chief architect of Megapolis and former head of the Urban Development Department at Kintobor Inc. – Christopher Thorndyke lived a fairly easy life. He was given almost everything he wanted but was denied the one thing he needed most – a relationship with his parents.

Chris developed a love of robotics at an early age thanks to his now deceased grandfather, a former Kintobor scientist specializing in Artificial Intelligence. Chris’ father, however, refused to have him follow in his own father’s footsteps and instead groomed him to be his successor for the Urban Development Department. Nepotism aside, Chris still found a way to pursue his interests away from his family’s eyes. Using plans left behind from his grandfather, he is currently building a robot to assist with his mundane job. 

Of the subjects in robotics Chris has studied, none has fascinated him more than artificial intelligence and nanorobotics. He considers himself an expert on those subjects, despite having no formal training whatsoever.

Fiona Vulpes

Job: Head of Weapons Development at Kintobor Incorporated

Species: Fox

Age: Unknown (Looks to be in her mid-twenties)

Birthplace: Mobotropolis

The only female Mobian on the executive board, Fiona worked her way upwards in the corporate hierarchy through shrewd and calculated means. She uses her looks to get what she wants and constantly tests the boundaries regarding the Human-Mobian Taboo. While she is open and generous to making backroom deals with other executives, Fiona is not against using extortion and blackmail to twist the terms in her favour. 

She has an immense aptitude for creating weapons thanks to a lifetime of coming up with multiple ways to cause as much harm as possible. Her favourite types of weapons are the autonomous ones that can operate without morals or conscience. In Mobotropolis before the Great War, she was Kodos’ protégé, groomed to learn all she can about warfare and weaponry. She followed him with the hopes of attaining more power for herself.

Recently, Fiona allied herself with Chris to help him build his robot assistant. Not only did she supply the parts needed for him to build Emerl, she also aided in the creation of Emerl’s Nanomachine Drive and the special Pseudo-Emerald responsible for its Copy Ability.


Job: Head of Public Safety at Kintobor Incorporated

Species: Lion

Age: 45

Birthplace: Mobotropolis

Kodos is the intimidating Head of Public Safety. A veteran of the Great War, he defected from Mobotropolis with the promise of getting a powerful position within Kintobor Inc and free reign over his department. In spite of his title, Kodos cares little for the public he’s responsible for. He constantly seeks ways of gaining power, and his overall goal is to overthrow the Kintobor dynasty and take control of the corporation – and the world – for himself.

Kodos and President Gerald Kintobor are constantly at odds with one another. On Kintobor’s end, while he hates Mobians as a whole, he respects Kodos’ efficient and brutal methods of doing things. On Kodos’ end, President Kintobor represents the final obstacle between him and world domination.

Professor Walter Nagus

Job: Head of Scientific Research at Kintobor Incorporated

Species: Human

Age: Unknown

Birthplace: Unknown

Walter Nagus is an ambitious, immoral scientist running the Scientific Research department at Kintobor Inc. He is dubbed “The Wizard of Genetics” due to his propensity to splice and reattach genetic material to create horrific creatures that he subjects to brutal experiments. Nagus is credited for creating the SOLDIER program and was one of the scientists on the BLAKDÜM project.

Nagus will do anything to achieve his goal of perfecting genetic evolution. He takes pleasure in subjecting innocents to his devious experiments. 

He dresses in a cloak that obscures most of his face, he walks with a noticeable limp, and his right arm has been rendered useless and is bound to a sling. Rumour has it that his injuries were caused by an accident with one of his experiments.

The Chaotix

A team formed within Kintobor Incorporated composed solely of Mobians. They are responsible for handling company affairs that are too messy for security forces or SOLDIER to handle. On paper, they’re responsible for vetting potential SOLDIER candidates, but in reality, they engage in wet works activities – interrogation, assassinations, subterfuge, etc. 

President Kintobor formed this team over thirty years ago as an effort to introduce diversity within Kintobor Inc. Thanks to their impeccable work ethic and loose morals, The Chaotix paved the way for other Mobians to be hired at the company, culminating with Kodos and Fiona being hired as the first Department Heads of Mobian descent.


Job: Leader of The Chaotix (Former Guardian)

Age: 26

Weapon: Clawed Knuckles, Handgun

Birthplace: Angel Island

Leader of the all-Mobian special forces team, “The Chaotix,” Knuckles is a stern and calculating individual. In his handling of company affairs, he strives for efficiency in everything that he does and he expects the same from his team. Knuckles is a proficient killer who rose through the ranks as a teenager to become the youngest leader of the Chaotix since its inception.

Despite his stone-cold persona, Knuckles cares deeply for his team and does his best to protect them from harm. This includes extensive one-on-one training for each member. Knuckles’ current objective is to monitor and eventually bring the last remaining Ancient, Cosmo, back to Kintobor HQ. While the monitoring efforts are successful, he and his team intentionally fail at capturing her. Knuckles does this not out of spite to the company, but due to a promise he made to a good friend several years ago to keep her safe until his return.

Not much is known about his past. He belonged to a group called the Guardians and resided on Angel Island before its occupation approximately twenty years ago. Both his Guardianship and the fact that he may be the last Echidna are touchy subjects to him. He’s recently taken an interest in their newest recruit, a fellow echidna named Shade who was found months ago at an abandoned compound several miles away from Westopolis. He believes her discovery could be the key to finding his lost people.

Nack Fang

Job: Member of The Chaotix – Sharpshooter

Age: 28

Weapon: Firearms of Various Types

Birthplace: Somewhere in Downunda

While he is hotheaded, conceited and arrogant, Nack is considered to be one of the top-ranking members of The Chaotix. His sloppy appearance and difficult accent hide the fact that he’s an accomplished marksman and killer. Though he is proficient in all manner of firearms, Nack’s favourite is a custom-made assault rifle he calls “Marvelous Queen.” Thanks to extensive training with Knuckles, combined with his own natural athleticism, Nack is able to go toe-to-toe with members of SOLDIER

Charmy Beeson

Job: Member of The Chaotix – Aerial Specialist


Weapon: Glaive/Spear

Birthplace: Unknown

The youngest member of the team, Charmy is a vibrant individual with a hyperactive personality. He is easily distracted by things, constantly talks and is a general nuisance to all – especially to Vector. What he lacks in decorum, he makes up for with his specialization in aerial combat. His small size and speed make it very difficult for anyone to strike him down. With a glaive in hand, he is the personification of the phrase: “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”

Vector Mawes

Job: Member of The Chaotix – Investigative Specialist/Second-In-Command

Age: 28

Weapons: Fists

Birthplace: Unknown

An old friend of Knuckles, Vector is second in command of The Chaotix. Though he maintains a chilled out disposition, he is a shrewd investigator and is able to pick out many of the details others in the team would miss or overlook. He is also an excellent hand-to-hand combatant, having trained extensively with the echidna.


Job: Member of The Chaotix – Undercover Operative/Strongman

Age: 25

Weapons: Fists

Birthplace: Megapolis

Born in the slums, Mighty got involved with the criminal underworld after his parents died at a young age. His unbelievable strength earned him both a reputation and enemies. He had a change of heart when he saw what his actions were doing to the innocent and thus sought out a way to get out of a life of crime. Knuckles discovered Mighty during a sting operation and offered him a way out. 

Mighty is a sympathetic individual – he dislikes persecution and prejudice of all kinds and is always open to doing the right thing, even if it goes against company interests or his own self-preservation. Though he is indebted to Knuckles, he is also frustrated at his inability to take action, especially regarding a promise the team made to an old friend of theirs.

Secondary Characters

Sonic the Hedgehog

Job: Mercenary (Former member of SOLDIER, 1st Class)

Species: Hedgehog

Age: 26

Weapon: Greatsword

Birthplace: Christmas Village, South Island

Sonic is a former SOLDIER 1st-turned-mercenary, and was first seen travelling with Tails to Megapolis. Able to move at supersonic speeds due to Pure Energen exposure as a child, his strength rivals that of Nazo’s. Months of constant battle while trying to keep Tails unharmed had worn him down to the point where he ultimately lost his life at the hands of the Kintobor army.

Both Cosmo and The Chaotix have some history with him. 

It’s unclear why he joined SOLDIER, given that Kintobor was the reason why his village is in squalor and his family were declared outcasts after the Great War.


Job: Attendant and Mentor to the current Guardian

Species: Fire Ant

Age: Unknown

Weapon: The Art of Misdirection/Smoke & Mirrors

Birthplace: Angel Island

A friend and mentor to Knuckles, Archimedes reunited with the echidna several years ago in Megapolis. He has made it his mission to get the Knuckles back on track with his destiny as Guardian, but with little success. Currently, he’s investigating the disappearance of the echidna people at Knuckles’ request.